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Lone Wolf Indie magazine for creative types

Philosopher + Muse

Volume Twelve

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Welcome to your new favorite magazine

Lone Wolf is an independently published fashion magazine for ambitious women working in creative fields. Based in sunny California, Lone Wolf is a new breed of style publication that strives to be a creative refuge for our readers. The goal is to clear the clutter and offer a curated, positive and enlightening reading experience for all those strong and powerfully creative women unaccustomed to following the crowd. We are distributed internationally, and printed on wonderfully thick uncoated paper that feels like velvet to the touch, and smells like lazy afternoons spent browsing your favorite book store. Lone Wolf is made to keep on your coffee table or bookshelf whenever you need a dose of inspiration.

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So much of what Lone Wolf is about concerns inspiring your next creative project and sparking new ways of looking at the world. Where other fashion magazines focus on trends, Lone Wolf focuses on understanding style that remains timeless. And where others focus on gossip columns and red carpets, we focus on intelligent content and empowerment. Instead of diet tips, we aim to build up self-esteem, and giving your mind a creative vacation from all the white noise.

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