Submission Guidelines, Terms and Conditions

Lone Wolf Magazine accepts submissions for content towards each volume. Below are the guidelines you should follow when submitting and the terms and conditions under which your work will be considered.

  • Submission Deadlines are October 30th (spring issue) and April 30TH (fall issue). Please make sure that your wardrobe is season appropriate. This means that submissions for the spring issue contain spring/summer wardrobe, while fall submissions contain fall/winter wardrobe. In both cases, wardrobe will have to be next season, meaning it will have to be available in stores at the time the magazine is published months later.
  • The selection process for submitted fashion photography often happens in the last month of submissions, right before the deadline when all the content for the issue is ready. We do this in order to be able to see how your fashion photography fits in with the rest of the magazine. If you want to increase your chances of being selected for publication, you should submit your editorial no sooner than three weeks before the deadline.
  • An embargo will be placed upon all content accepted for publication until after publication. Posting your images online before they have been published in Lone Wolf Magazine will result in your images being pulled from the issue.
  • Submitted images MUST be 300dpi, 8.75 X 11.25 inches, CMYK. If submitted images do not meet our print specifications, you agree to give Lone Wolf Magazine the right to crop, photoshop or adapt the images to fit our print specifications.
  • Submitted images will often look quite different once printed on paper. For this reason we reserve the right to modify or alter images for print layout, in order to ensure aesthetic flow. This includes, but is not limited to, adding borders, cropping, saturating, and brightening the images.
  • Include the team credits, model’s name and agency with your submission on a separate word document or readable PDF. Do not send credits as a image. Please make sure everyone’s name is spelled correctly.
  • When submitting wardrobe credits please be specific. We cannot distinguish “look 1” from “look 5” and so it’s best to include a visual example of each look to avoid confusion. Also be as detailed with wardrobe credits as possible (instead of just writing “shirt by designer” write “white linen shirt with red details by designer”).
  • By submitting images for publication in Lone Wolf Magazine you confirm that the work submitted is original work created by you, the submitter. You are granting Lone Wolf Magazine unrestricted non-exclusive license to use the photographs now and in the future. Published images become a permanent part of the magazine. If an image is used on the cover of the magazine you are granting Lone Wolf Magazine permission to use it for promotion and to put the Lone Wolf Magazine logo on it.
  • You understand that Lone Wolf Magazine offers no monetary compensation, but as a contributor, you will receive a digital copy of the magazine.
  • Being commissioned or obtaining a pull letter does not guarantee publication in Lone Wolf magazine. Any expenses of your shoot are at your own risk.
  • By submitting to Lone Wolf Magazine you are indicating that you have read and understood these terms and conditions and agree to them.