Seeing Double! Models and Their Lookalike Dopplegangers

Many of us grew up believing that we are unique, but we’ve all experienced that eerie moment when a stranger calls us by another name, and stands in shock and disbelief at the uncanny resemblance between you and some mysterious doppelgänger they happen to know. For fashion models this situation is especially strange. Their individuality and the singularity of their facial features are what brings home the bacon. So what happens when a model has near-identical clone? And what if that clone is also working in the fashion/entertainment industry? Gasp!

.   .   .   .

Coco Rocha’s Lookalike Krystal Reeve


.   .   .   .

Neve Campbell’s Lookalike Lauren English


.   .   .   .

Lindsey Wixson’s Lookalike Avery Tharp

2 Avery Tharp

Avery Tharp3

.   .   .   .

Model Heidi Dyck Looks Just Like Cillian Murphy

21 heidi vs cailin

.   .   .   .

Cara Delevingne’s Lookalike Kristina Petrosiute

5 cara delevingne

.   .   .   .

Justine Boomer’s Lookalike Macaulay Culkin


.   .   .   .

Caroline Winberg’s Lookalike Lydia Bojeczko

5 lydia bojeczko

.   .   .   .

Models Linda Vojtova and Gisele Bundchen Could Be Twins

6 gisele2

.   .   .   .

Magdalena Frackowiak’s Lookalike Fleur at Elite Toronto

7 fleur-vs-magdalena-620x372

.    .   .   .

Models Anne Vyalitsyna and Caroline Winberg

11 caroline winberg

.   .   .   .

Tiiu Kuik vs Louise Kasprik

11Tiiu Kuik

Natalia Borecka

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