Star Crossed by Patricia Recourt, Fashion Meets Astrology for Lone Wolf Online


In this Lone Wolf exclusive, photographer Patricia Recourt beautifully recreates the twelve signs of the zodiac, with all their unique idiosyncrasies perfectly symbolized by carefully curated accessories, hair and makeup. The end result is dark, moody and totally breathtaking. Wardrobe styling by the talented Alisa Krost, assisted by Michelle Paiano. Hair by Matthew Collins and makeup by Bree Powell. Featuring models Fleur, and Viktoria at Elite Model Management, Aislinn, Genevieve and Kate all at Plutino Group, and Lindsay at Spot 6 Management. Follow photographer Patricia Recourt here 🙂

.   .   .   .   .

Aries: March 21-April 19


You are competitive, driven and know just how to get what you want in life, and in fashion. The sales section is your battlefield and you are intent on victory. Your razor sharp honesty and unbounded loyalty has saved many a friend from the perils of ill-fitting harem pants.

.   .   .   .   .

Taurus: April 20-May 20


Some people call you materialistic, but they just don’t understand your lifestyle. You make money to spend money. You’re smart, resourceful, and you do your research on the best bang for your buck, but in the end, you always give in to your luxurious side and splurge a little. Why not treat yourself, right?

.   .   .   .   .

Gemini: May 21-June 20


Geminis are the world’s most impulsive and resourceful people, they are geniuses when it comes to reinventing themselves and taking on new styles and identities. You’ve reinvented your wardrobe so many times over the years, the only thing that has remained constant in your closet is change.

.   .   .   .   .

Cancer: June 21-July 22


Cancers find the things they most love in life, and they stick to them. Whether it’s your favorite store, cut of dress, or your favorite desert, you’re not one to venture into the unknown. What’s the point? You prefer to get creative with your favorite classic pieces, and leave the experimenting to the Aquarians.

.   .   .   .   .

Leo: July 23-August 22


Leo, you are the warrior, the leader and the captain of the Zodiac. You command attention and turn up the heat whenever you enter a room. Though, let’s be honest, no one could ever fail to notice you because everything from your hair down to your outfit was carefully curated to lure the eye. You are confidence embodied.

.   .   .   .   .

Virgo: August 23-September 22


Virgos are like the movie stars of Hollywoods golden age. They are classic, feminine and always immaculately put together. You are a meticulous perfectionist who cannot rest until every wrinkle is ironed out, and every fold has been smoothed.

.   .   .   .   .

Libra: September 23-October 22


You have a strong sense of right and wrong. Oversized jean jackets? Right. Crocs? Wrong. You hate disharmony, and have long tried to rectify the feud between plaid and stripes. If anyone can make it work, you can. Your shopping trips are the ultimate Peacekeeping Mission.

.   .   .   .   .

Scorpio: October 23-November 21


Your friends do not see the glorious appeal of the cuffed mom-jeans you just tried on, and have been obsessing over for the last month. They are weird, and edgy and perfect. How could they not see what you see? You don’t realize that your sense of style is way ahead of them, but if there’s anyone that could make them see the fashion light, it’s you.

.   .   .   .   .

Sagittarius: November 22-December 21


Sagittarius is a philosopher and adventurer. You’re the kind of person that squeezes every last drop from life, seeking truth and understanding while you do it. But an impulse shopper you are not. You don’t like making your mind up too quickly, instead lingering and analyzing every piece of information before you plunge in.

.   .   .   .   .

Capricorn: December 22-January 19


You came only for shoes and you are leaving only with shoes. You make a beeline to the back wall. You want comfortable and affordable. Anything else would be frivolous and impractical. You look around the shop–most of its contents are frivolous and impractical–who would honestly buy a sweater that looked like moths had eaten the bottom hem.

.   .   .   .   .

Aquarius: January-February 18


You think jeans work the best loosely tied around your neck. Shoes only live up to their full potential reinvented into hats. You decide the no-pants look is the perfect pants look. You are an experimentalist. After all, isn’t that the point of fashion? Others do not agree with your progressive, unconventional methods, but that never hinders your vision.

.   .   .   .   .

Pisces: February 19-March 20


Pisces, you are selflessness embodied. If you manage to grab the very last of this season’s “must-have” items off the rack, you may pat yourself on the back for a second. But, wait, what if someone else wants it more than you? And they won’t be able to find it? They’ll be so sad. You hang it back up. Best for everyone, that way.

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