The Only Way to Know Bombay, a story by Sanjyot Telang


Have you ever been to Mumbai? Even though I (photographer Sanjyot Telang) was born and raised there, I somehow always felt like an outsider. Now having lived away for 8 years, simply calling the city by its former British name “Bombay” stirs up this deep rooted sentimental value in me. I used to wonder why. This one word represents all that this city is known for – the fast paced crowd, the heat, the mad traffic, the busy streets, the smell of the sea and dried fish, warm and friendly people, amazing street food and the small cramped houses. Somewhere in this madness, you feel isolated but magically never completely alone. I really wanted to portray this feeling from an outsider’s point of view. Someone who was not originally from Bombay but now calls it home. I feel, it requires a special mindset and attitude to live in this maximum city, get used to its improvised comforts and learn to make the most of it. For me, that’s the only way to know Bombay by heart. Styling by Indrakshi Ria Pattnaik, makeup and hair by Sonam Chandna.



About the model: Pooja Mor is a 22yr old Indian model. And though she is quickly gaining world-wide recognition for her beautiful face, Pooja is actually an engineer. She was born in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh (Bareilly) in India after which she moved to Ahmedabad, the capital city in Gujarat (West of India) where she was brought up. Initially studying to be engineering, Pooja later moved to Mumbai to fulfill her dream to become one of India’s top models. All of 22, she has already been published in some of the leading magazines in India like Harper’s Bazaar and Adorn. She has recently walked the ramp for the coveted Lakme India Fashion Week. Currently, Pooja is based in Mumbai and is represented by Anima Creative Management.

Natalia Borecka

Natalia is the editor in chief and publisher of Lone Wolf Magazine. She founded the publication in 2012.

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