A Necessary Simplicity

Do you ever get sick of it all? The whole trend-machine and being told how to dress? The endless parade of fashion week after fashion week –  pre-fall, fall, winter, resort…and on and on. A trend sees life for only a moment before it’s thrown into the budget bin and replaced by something shiny and new. Do you find it hard to get excited about something so fleeting? Sometimes, for your own sanity it’s necessary to break away, and take a vacation from it all. You may be tempted to say that this sort of thing is really boring, but after you’ve had your eyeballs pulled through mountains of sequins, oceans of clashing prints, neon nylon and studded everything the idea of simplicity seems like an isolated paradise.

Lately we’ve been huge advocates of the “fuck it, I’m just going to wear the same shit every day” philosophy. All black, all white, all denim everything. It’s like wearing a uniform you know you’re always going to look good in. Classic, uncomplicated, unpretentious, unaffected and completely, gloriously just you. How simple and sincere. When life is waiting outside, and everything good is beyond your front door, do you really want to waste your time tearing your closet apart for that statement outfit? The world is waiting. Slap on that uniform and go have some fun. See our “Simplicity” themed Pinterest Board for inspiration!

simple is beautiful
All neutral with one pop of colour. Done.

simple outfit ideas

All white on white on white…

Clean black and white lines, really putting the “fancy” in nothing fancy.

simplify your life

Men’s wear a la Annie Hall. Never gets old with zero brain cells wasted on getting dressed.

Michelle Williams Style

Bam! All black. Can I get back to writing my best selling novel now?


Cozy fabrics, no makeup, no nail polish, just a simple ring and suspenders. No time wasted. Now you have time to plan an epic dinner party or just spend the afternoon reading a good book (remember those?).

Natalia Borecka

Natalia is the editor in chief and publisher of Lone Wolf Magazine. She founded the publication in 2012.

  1. I totally agree with you! 100% Thanks for the follow on pinterest. 🙂 Dig your mag

    1. Editor in Chief says:

      Thank you Romy! 🙂

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