End of the World Issue is Finally Here!!

Here we go, if the Mayan predictions are right, and we’re all about to be blown into Armageddon nothingness, this is going to be the last fashion magazine to be officially issued for dooms day. We’re allowed to toot our own horns a little here, every one person at Lone Wolf does the work of ten people. We’re damn proud. We can’t help it. Besides, tomorrow may not happen what with Armageddon upon us and all that. If there was ever a time to be honest, it’s now. So here are the many reasons you need to buy yourself a copy of our latest issue: A. You’re really into art and graphic design, and wish there was more good stuff like it in other fashion magazines, B. You’re a little, ok a lot, nostalgic for the past when things weren’t made quickly for mass consumption, but slowly and with great attention to all the little details that make things so great, C.  You’re really into our steamy Centerfolds (we’ve included a Moonrise Kingdom inspired one for you), D. You’re a fan of the super talented artists Eleanor Davis, and David Fullarton (our personal all time favorite contemporary artists), E. You’re into a magazine that keeps it real, in the indie sense that is. We’re so far from trying to pretend we’re fancy, that we probably come off a little fancy, don’t we? Ok, go on. We know that now you’re 100% convinced, so you might as well click and buy an issue here: OMG GET ME ONE NOW!!!

Natalia Borecka

Natalia is the editor in chief and publisher of Lone Wolf Magazine. She founded the publication in 2012.

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