A Stylist’s Guide to Writing Credits

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There are a lot of super-fun things about being a fashion stylist – that’s why so many of you pursue styling as a profession. But nothing good comes without the bad, and such is the case with wardrobe credit writing. It’s an absolutely necessary skill to master if you intend to be a stylist – especially in the fashion editorial circuit. Publishing fashion editorials is all about connecting clothes to a larger audience (the magazine readers), and as a stylist hold the key. You hook them with your styling skills, then sell the product with your awe-inspiring detailed wardrobe credits.  Sadly, proper credit writing is something few know how to do. This unfortunate fact has caused us enough grief  in the office that we’ve decided to help you out!
Here are 5 Helpful Tips For Credit Writing

1) Please be descriptive with wardrobe credits. Possible mentions could include the silhouette, fabric, type of sleeve, garment details such as embroidery, beading or a type of pleat. Here’s an example of the wrong way to write wardrobe credits (nay!):

Coat – Vintage
Dress – Designer’s Name
Shoes – Designer’s Name

And here is an example of the right way to write wardrobe credits (yay!):
Vintage Velvet Cocoon Coat – Designer’s Name
Cap Sleeve Trapeze Dress – Designer’s Name
Patent Leather T-strap Pumps – Designer’s Name

2) Ensure spelling of designers and labels are correct! Include website or a place where the garments can be found.

3) If you sourced items from a boutique, include the name and the location of the boutique.

4) Including vintage or an amazing find from traveling? Excellent! Was it something of your mothers? Was it found at a vintage shop, estate sale or a store on Etsy? Was it a special piece you found in a market in Guatemala or was it a piece that was handmade by a local? We would love to hear about it!

5) Give credit where credit is due! Ensure that everyone that was a part of the team is mentioned in credits, including assistants or interns and make sure names are spelled correctly. The last thing we want is to misspell a team members name or miss them completely.

Happy Credit Writing

Natalia Borecka

Natalia is the editor in chief and publisher of Lone Wolf Magazine. She founded the publication in 2012.

  1. I’ll be bookmarking this site to read more, thanks for taking the time to write it

  2. “Sadly, proper credit writing is something few know how to do properly.”

    Sadly, writing properly is something few know how to do.

    ;P sorry for the snark, just find it amusing that an article on format is so loose. It’s a lovely article though. Thanks for the info!

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